Corporate Events

Looking for a fun and unique place to host your corporate event? Flightmaster has everything you need for an unforgettable
event! Learn to think outside the box and strengthen your leadership skills at the steering controls of an authentic
simulator cockpit.

During your coporate event, Flightmaster engages all attendants in; team-building excercises, educational and informative programs, guest speakers, and communication and leadership activities (all the while connecting the importance of each excercise to aviation and flight).

Each member of the corporate event will have the opportunity to navigate the Professional Flight Simulator and choose from a variety of different aircrafts, destinations and weather conditions. Your team will learn to work together as you fly over Los Angeles, Hawaii, Japan, Moscow etc... in an attempt to land an airplane on a runway. Or, put your skills to the test as you and your team land an F-18 Flighter Jet on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean.

Our facility features:
  • an airplane wing as a conference table
  • large projector screen for movies and powerpoint presentations
  • 2 Professional Flight Simulators
  • 3 Air Traffic Control Simulators
  • museum-like atmosphere with models, memorobilia and antiques
  • bartending (optional) (LLBO permits are available upon request, please let us know 10 days in advance if you require an LLBO permit for your event)
Flightmaster would gladly make arrangements to have your event catered. Please let us know if you require any catering. You are also welcome to provide your own catering services.

Can't find a babysitter for your kids? Not a problem, Flightmaster allows you to bring your children to the event. Your kids will be just as entertained as you are throughout the entire event! With full access to the facility, its fun for people of all ages!

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