School Tours and Educational Programs

Flightmaster Entertainment Inc. welcomes aboard students and teachers that are interested in learning about the
dynamics of flight. Students will recieve a chance to fly an authentic Professional Flight Simulator, direct arial traffic with our
Air Traffic Control Simulators, and learn about the many different airplane designs with our collection of model airplanes (over
600 planes!). Also, students can learn about the locations of various airplane parts while looking at a real-life Flighter Jet
(T-33 Silver Star).

Learn even more about aviation by meeting our tour guides, experienced pilots, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers
and meteorologists. Their expertise and knowledge will bring you one step closer to an exciting career in aviation! A large
projection screen is available for viewing educational demonstrations, power points, movies and aviation shows.

At Flightmaster we believe that all students benefit from visual learning. This is why we engage in a learn-as-you-go technique. While students are sitting at the steering controls of the flight simulators, they are taught about the dynamics and affects of
different weather conditions on the flight, and the dangers of turbulence.

At Flightmaster, our entire facility serves as a learning tool to incorporate the curiculum of schools, colleges and universities
all over North America. By utilizing the resources on site, we are able to provide several types of technical training.

With the help of our knowledgable staff, students can learn about the science of flight, aviation technology and the history
of Canadian aviation.

While inside the airplane cockpit, students will learn the location and function of different airplane parts such as nose, tail,
wings, propellers, flaps, and landing gear).

Flightmaster also engages students in scavenger hunts, problem solving activities and team-building exercises to ensure
their understanding of the dynamics of flight.

"I learned a lot about take-off and landing, I would love to be a professional pilot someday!" - Michael Swanson
"Not only did I learn about airplanes, but I got to fly one too!" Daniella Keller

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